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Flute, Piccolo


Charmaine has enjoyed success as an instructor, having her students perform regularly at events such as the MBA Solo Festival, the Syrinx Flute Festival, and as guests at her own recitals. She has had the privilege of coaching flute ensembles such as at the Canadian Mennonite University and for special events in both Winnipeg and Toronto, ON. Charmaine performs regularly on flute auxiliary instruments, such as the alto, bass and contra-bass flutes. She was recently invited to be part of the International Flute Orchestra, an ensemble which meets yearly to tour and perform internationally.


A versatile artist from Russell, Manitoba, Charmaine Bacon has recently returned to Winnipeg from studies in Toronto, ON. She has studied at the University of Manitoba with Jan Kocman, Laurel Ridd and Martha Durkin (piccolo), the University of Toronto with Leslie Newman and The Glenn Gould School with Dr. Kathleen Rudolph. She holds a Master of Music in Flute Performance.

Career Highlights

From 2008-2012 Charmaine was on faculty at the University of Manitoba Preparatory Division as Flute and recorder instructor, as well as maintaining a private studio. Charmaine spends a large portion of her time working with flute sections of various junior high and high school bands in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. She’s enjoyed coaching ‘first note nights’ to working with more advanced grade 12 students, as well as helping with University of Manitoba open house events as well as Manitoba Junior, Intermediate, and Senior honour band flute sections.

Always one to jump on board with new projects, Charmaine has put on her own recital series in the city as well as participated with others: her own “Charmaine and Friends” recital series will be resuming at the Fort Garry United Church this fall. This past summer she was part of a collective of musicians to perform a concert of all-new repertoire by Michael Cutler at the First Presbyterian Church, premiering a new work for solo flute as well as chamber repertoire for alto and contra-bass flutes. She is keen to perform new Canadian works and has prepared and performed the Manitoba premier of Ryan Trew’s Octet for flutes.

Charmaine has enjoyed performing with ensembles such as the Sweet Silver Flute Choir directed by Monica Bailey, as well as the Winnipeg Winds with Jacquie Dawson as conductor.

In 2010 Charmaine ventured out on a cross-Manitoba and Saskatchewan tour with colleague Rachel Colman (piano) and performed at 8 house concerts across the prairies. Plans for May 2014 involve revisiting Saskatchewan and making stops at Saskatoon and surrounding areas to perform again as a flute and piano duo.

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