Welcoming one of Winnipeg’s foremost collaborative pianists, Madeline Hildebrand, to our faculty this year has given us the opportunity to expand our chamber music opportunities for our students. Chamber music offers classical musicians the chance to “jam” with their fellow musicians and go on a musical adventure with beautiful repertoire written for more than one instrument. We are happy to introduce the Chamber Music Ensemble Package to our students and the musical community.

  • Includes four weekly 45-minute in depth coaching with chamber music specialist and collaborative pianist Madeline Hildebrand
  • Repertoire selections will feature those that composers wrote for your specific instrumentation
  • Coaching schedule to fit the availability of the musicians and the coach
  • Registration fee is $100

How do you get involved?

  • Contact the office if you are interested in participating noting your instrument and current playing level
  • You can sign up as a single musician and matches will be made according to instrumentation; or sign up with a friend
  • Once an ensemble is confirmed, you will be provided with the repertoire and you will have 2 weeks to prepare for the first coaching

Have more questions?  Contact Jacqueline or Norine to learn more.



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