Natanielle Felicitas — Cello

Specializes In:

'Cello, Pop/Rock/Contemporary/Classical

Natanielle FelicitasBiography

Natanielle Felicitas is a freelance collaborator whose intuitive style resonates deeply with a broad range of audiences and performers alike. Comfortable with crossing genres, she draws from her classical training to accompany musicians from folk to experimental, improvised sound projects. Nat has toured Canada and the UK, created and performed music for theatre productions, and has a growing list of recording credits to her name.

Nat has been playing cello since the age of 9. She has five siblings, all of whom used to perform together in a Nose Flute Ensemble!

Career Highlights

  • Toured Canada, the UK, and played at the 2014 Winnnipeg Folk Festival and Austin SXSW Festival with Winnipeg singer-songwriter JP Hoe
  • Recorded with audio engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, R.Plant & J.Page) on a recent album for Winnipeg band KENmode, 2014.
  • Opened the 2014 Cluster New Music Festival with an improvised duet between amplified cello and weaving loom.
  • Recorded a solo cello composition by Shirley Grierson for the Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers in 2012
  • Wrote and performed live underscore to Theatre By The River’s production of Habitat, 2010.
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