MCMA Intergenerational Concert Series

Seniors ClappingAre you an MCMA student who would like the chance to perform? This winter, consider the Intergenerational Concert Series.

The Concert Series is a branch of the Music Equals Program that matches students with MCMA faculty members to perform in concert at various multi-age living facilities throughout River East, Transcona, St. Vital and St. Boniface. Residents of these facilities often have limited access to live musical performances, so these concerts are an exciting chance for them to experience the beauty of live music brought to them by performers of another generation. For students, this is a great opportunity to not only bring the joy of music to an attentive audience, but to hone your performance skills as you collaborate with an experienced faculty member and musician. Additionally, all performers are also compensated for their performance.


If you are interested in being an Intergenerational Concert Series performer email Jacqueline Wellwood at or ask your teacher for more details!

If your group or facility is interested in hosting a concert with us, contact Jacqueline Wellwood at or phone 204-988-7650 for more information.