For Prospective Students



  • We are Manitoba’s premier independent music education institution (established in 1984); a community of musicians, for musicians, by musicians (our founders were all musicians) – achieving a higher level of musical instruction because the instructors, students and staff are all infused with the passion and discipline, joy and camaraderie of music.
  • Our teachers come with the highest qualifications to teach from beginners to the professional level.  Our teachers rank among the most effective, inspiring teachers in the province.  All Conservatory faculty members have a BA Music (or higher) or an equivalent academic, performance and teaching experience.  Many of the instructors also have active professional performing careers outside the classroom.  Their passion to play is the living example that inspires students to better themselves in the classroom, and keeps the instructor current in the music community.
  • We offer a free consultation to new students to match student needs with teacher strengths.  Finding the best student/teacher combination will enhance the student’s learning, achieving and enjoyment of their musical experience.
  • Two or more family members are able to take lessons on different instruments at the same time to save travelling and waiting time.
  • A student can study multiple instruments or practical and theory lessons at the same location.
  • We offer private and group lessons to accommodate a student’s schedule and budget.
  • Students learn to play every type of music: Classical, Jazz, Blues, Broadway, Rock, Country, Folk and everything in between!
  • We offer students the opportunity to perform in monthly recitals, formal and informal settings and to collaborate with their fellow students/musicians to teach and foster ensemble playing.
  • Our teachers will prepare students for Royal Conservatory or Conservatory Canada exams, Music Festivals, auditions and special performances.
  • We offer the highest quality, inclusive and accessible music programs for all ages and skill levels.
  • We offer financial support to our students through scholarships and bursaries.
  • We are committed to building a musical community and through our Inner City Outreach music program we bring the joy and empowerment of music to underserved communities.
  • Our studios are by far the most sought after practice and rehearsal studios in the city featuring natural light and large mirrors.  We encourage our students to practice and provide practice rooms at no cost to our students.
  • Special offers, complimentary concert tickets and workshops are offered exclusively to Conservatory students.
  • Welcoming atmosphere and professional staff are here to provide you with the best student experience possible.