Donors make it possible for us to build a musical community. On behalf of the students who benefit from this incredible generosity, we gratefully acknowledge and sincerely thank those who supported us in the fiscal year 2016-17.

Individuals & Families
Kathryn Balzer
Don & Caitlin Clearwater
Michael Cobus
Cypress River United Church
Ryan & Jannis Francis
Carol Gamby
Don Giesbrecht
Kyle Giesbrecht
Meira Gisser
Norine Harty
Tracey Harvey-Funk
Ray & Jacqueline Hope
Els Kavanagh
Paul Kisil
Tad Kojima
Lauren Krahn
Paul Krahn
Ray Kreitzer
Dave Lenz
Vaclav Linek
Lei Lu
Kristin Matsumoto
David Noel
Michael Oike
Laura Olafson
Levi & Tena Reimer
Margo Reimer
William Reynolds
Colleen Sailor
Lindsay Sailor
Gaetan Salmon
Debbie & Keith Sampson
Helen Schensney
David Shefford
Freda Steel
Greg Tramley
Mary Troszko
James Ye Zhau

A Gift in Memory of Peter D. Curry
Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation
NK Dolenko Fund
S.M. Blair Foundation
Thomas Sill Foundation
The Gail Asper Family Foundation
The Graham C. Lount Family Foundation
The Mauro Family Foundation
The Winnipeg Foundation
The Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation

Canada One Travel
Enigma Escapes
Fraser Financial Partners
Greystone Managed Investments
L’Association Des Residents Place Des Meurons
Investors Group
Manitoba Hydro
Tailored Recording
Telus Manitoba Community Board
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
True North Sports & Entertainment
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Manitoba Community Services Council
The Province of Manitoba
Winnipeg Arts Council


For more information on giving opportunities please email Norine Harty, Executive Director or call 204.988.7653